George Brown’s Predator Review

Well I am pleased to say it is finally here, and you have come to the right place if you’re looking for a comprehensive review of George Brown’s Predator.

I will be giving you an unrestricted unbiased and honest review of the Predator software that was created by George Brown. What you are about to read are the ESSENTIAL details you need to know before grabbing a copy of the software yourself.

Why did George develop Predator?

He simply could not find another software product out there where you could really make money from – none of the software’s did what they said they could do.

So what exactly is George Brown’s ‘Predator Software’?

The Predator software allows you to go direct to the source of the buyers’ market. It hones in on what people are actually looking for.

There is no need to build websites, no coding of websites, no traffic methods, no SEO techniques and no list building.

Unlike when you create a website, you need to generate traffic (everyone knows TRAFFIC = MONEY) the more traffic you get the more money you make. You don’t need to worry about that here; the software allows you tap into the traffic that is already there.

Now why would George share this with everyone I can hear you asking? With over 2 billion potential customers there is enough for everyone.


How exactly does the Predator Software work?

When you first open it up it looks quite simple with a search box and a few buttons on the left hand side. Let’s go with an example on the IPhone’s

  • In the search box you type ( iPhone)
  • Select how you want to search ( there is a drop list including craigslist, EBay, Google) we will select Craigslist for this exercise
  • Select a category, we will select (wanted)
  • Now select the country ( America) from the list, you can then narrow the search further by selecting ( Los Angeles) and hit search

It’s as easy as that, within 20 seconds it brings up a list of 570 people who have listed wanted ads on craigslist wanting and ready to buy an IPhone, with their names and contact details, of which 476 of them had an email address.

The software allows you to select them all and send them an email. In the email you can state that you saw them wanting an IPhone, and maybe they want to check out this website where they can win one. You could send them anywhere to a Clickbank product or a CPA website (cost per action) we will use CPA for this example, all they have to do is enter in their email address  to be in the draw to win an IPhone and for each person that does that you will receive $2.05. It may not sound like much but it certainly adds up. George shows proof that in a 3 month period he made over $340,000 just using the Predator software alone that is over $100,000 a month.

You could be asking yourself why would these people enter in their email address, but remember they all had ‘wanted ads’ that they were wanting to buy an IPhone, so if they could win one for free just by entering their details, don’t you think they would.

Remember this was all done for FREE; it didn’t cost you a cent.

Now this is just one way that you can make money using the software, it has several ways it can used, including more advanced settings.

What are the BAD things about George Brown’s Predator?

Just like every product and book I have ever reviewed, nothing is perfect and here are the flaws I noticed after reviewing the software:-

-          You do have to enter a product into the search box, so if you can’t think of what niches or products you want to go into you may need to perform some brainstorming beforehand.

-          The cost is a little pricey compared to other software’s available, but as I have mentioned there is not another software product out there that can do what The Predator Software does and for that it is priceless.

And how about the GOOD things about George Brown’s Predator?

-          Once you have bought the product, there is no need to spend another cent, no need to purchase web hosting or domain names, no need to buy another software product again.

-          The Predator System comes with lifetime free updates, again no need to buy another product again.

-          Access to the ’Predator Project’ members area with complete step by step video training on every way you can use the software to make money online.

-          Email support – Have any question you want answered.

-          The system has been designed so anyone can use it, even if you have had no internet marketing experience previously. It is easy to navigate around.

-          It has a schedule tab so you can schedule events in advance; it can literally work while you are sleeping or away on holidays.

Overall, what do I think?

The Predator software, in my eyes is the most powerful software to make money online today. Considering it was developed by George Brown himself who is highly respected in the internet marketing community I know that it is a product build with integrity. The full training and support that you receive even after purchasing the product reflects this, you are certainly not left on your own unlike with other products. For anyone looking to make money online and wants a simple and easy to use product and one that actually works, I cannot recommend this product highly enough.  You won’t regret it!

George’s Predator has still not been released to the public, only a small number of his clients have been given access to his Beta test. While the rest of you wait why not check out is No1 Clickbank product Google Snipeer 2.0

To visit the offical Google Sniper 2.0 website Click Here

If you haven’t already done so you can read my post on Google Sniper

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Another George Brown Video

Here is another video on George Brown on how he made $10,000 in just 7 days.

If you already haven’t read my George Brown Predator review than highly recommend you do.

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George Brown gives away over $5,000 in free courses!

Who doesn’t love something for free. George is giving away some great info here on courses that he had previously sold.

Click here for the link to the free courses, and don’t forget to read my George Brown Predator Review.


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George Brown’s quick internet marketing tips

Here is a quick video you might like from George Brown on some quick internet marketing tips. Hope you enjoy!

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Why is there some negaitivity?

There has been a bit of negativity surrounding George Brown’s Predator software and just in case you have been hearing it too, i want to clear up some of the comments.

Firstly George only released a small amount of his software to his current clients. These were known as Beta testers, they were given the opportunity to buy the product at a reduced rate. There has been some initial negative comments surrounding the beta testers. What people don’t understand is that the meaning of Beta testers is to be be testing a product before it is released to the public, so all the problems or glitches get ironed out first, this is why the product is released to them at a discounted rate.

When all the glitches are fixed up, it is then released to the public at the recommended retail price with a very low problem rate.

As of yet the Predator software has not been released to the public, rest assured when the software is you will know that George is happy with the Beta testing and it is all good to go.

While everyone else still waits you might want to check out my article on his Google Sniper that has to date one of the lowest refund rates on Clickbank today, which should speak for itself.

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Predator Software Updates

More Predator updates are Coming Soon….. so please keep checking back.

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What you MUST know about Google Sniper and why it is such a success?

As you know by now Google Sniper was created by George Brown. He created it after trying to make money online from other products he had purchased which ultimately DID NOT WORK. Until he finally discovered a system that did which he called it Google Sniper. The original Google Sniper was released in 2009 and become an instant overnight success, securing the top spot on Clickbank for internet marketing products.

January 2011 George updated his Google Sniper system to reflect the changes in the marketplace. This is one thing that I admire about George; he keeps it relevant and up to date so it continues to work.

I purchased Google Sniper 2 in the February, and to be honest with you I was still a little hesitant, you see I had purchased numerous products before and had not made one dime. And, I will confess a little secret to you, that I am a bit embarrassed about, I actually knew of George Brown back in 2009, but didn’t purchase his product. You see back then he was only 20, and me being in my mid 30’s thought……..

“What possibly could a 20 year old know about making money online that I hadn’t been able to do after purchasing all the so called GURU’S products?”

So instead of buying Google Sniper I followed him for the next 2 years, and bought more of the ‘So called GURUS’ products, which of course never worked.

While I followed George I kept on reading success stories of others who had actually bought the product and been using it, and I started to hear more and more about this 20 year old around the internet marketing industry. So when he released Google Sniper 2 I was still sceptical, but thought it comes with a 60 day money back guarantee why not give it a try……

To visit the offical Google Sniper 2.0 website Click Here

What did I Have to Lose?????

So I went ahead and bought it, and to be honest it was nothing like I had expected, the amount of information it had which just made sense and I thought with all the products I had bought before NONE of them had this info. It really did blow my mind.

I went through his entire course, I watched every video module one after the other and then got started on creating my very first sniper site.

When I had finally finished it, I waited and it got indexed and went straight to the first place on page one, I was SO excited…….it worked, I thought I better not get carried away, let’s just wait and see if I actually make any money.

Then after a week I made my very first sale………

It worked, it actually worked, for the first time in over 2 years of trying to make money online and not making a single cent, I actually made $32. Then I made another sale, and another. I was so excited at this stage I thought well lets go again in case it was a fluke, so following his same principals I created another site and GUESS WHAT, it made money too.

I can honestly say I was kicking myself, why hadn’t I just bought his product 2 years ago and I could have been making money back then, instead I wasted my time and money on products that just didn’t work.

My total outlook changed, the 20 year old George Brown I was so sceptical of, actually knew what he was talking about.

So back to my question; why is Google Sniper such a success?

Because it works, it’s as simple as that.

To visit the offical Google Sniper 2.0 website Click Here

I cannot recommend Google Sniper enough; George has totally changed my life. If I can make money online, honestly anyone can make money online. When you read anything that refers to the Google Sniper scam, it simply is just not true

And if you need more proof than that, how about it is the No 5 Clickbank product of all time and has remained in the top 10 for the past 3 years. It also holds the lowest refund rate (ever), yes that’s right ever………

Look at how big the monthly search for Google Sniper is still today.

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Who is George Brown?

George Montagu Brown is an online internet marketing genius. Often referred to by everyone as George Brown, he is one of the youngest self-made millionaires in the internet marketing industry.

He started at the tender age of only 17, he was a furniture removalist by day and by night would spend countless hours at his computer trying to make money online. After buying numerous products that promised him the success he was after……..only for them to fail. He then set about to learn everything he could about making money online. After finding success with his own formula this successful blueprint (we now know as Google Sniper).

George wanted to share this with other internet marketers who were striving to make money online, so they didn’t have to make the same mistakes that he did. Google sniper become a No 1 product on Clickbank. This was then followed up with another bestseller “Traffic Ultimatum

George Brown today is a highly respected expert speaker that has travelled the world to share his success with others, and now has an impressive 4 No 1 Clickbank bestsellers under his belt. And as of today is still one of the youngest self-made millionaires in the internet marketing industry which is a truly amazing feat.

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